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The MYKINGDOM Metaverse offers a unique way for players to

interact with the game-generated wildlife. As part of the gameplay,

players can tame wild animals and use them for transportation to

level up.

The system is quite simple. Players need to acquire a saddle and

animal feed. As they offer animals food pellets, the love bar meter

will grow based on how much an animal likes the food that is being


Once the player builds up trust with the animal, they can saddle it

and continue exploring the virtual world together.

Owning and travelling with a pet creates value for players as they

benefit from the agility and added speed of the animal they have

chosen to tame. They can make money through the purchase, sale,

exchange and upgrade of pets, thus increasing their NFT value.

On top of that, each pet has a unique affinity/ability to aid players as

they advance through the MYKINGDOM Metaverse:

  • Cats - Luck

  • Dogs - Spotting and defence

  • Snakes - Defense

  • Camels and Horses - Faster Travel

  • Birds - More Vision and Spotting

  • Crocodile

  • Bull

  • Lion

  • Baboon

Pet Image
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