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Guilds and Wars

Players can create guilds and invite others to join. The advantage of

being in a guild is that players can participate in tournaments and

compete against top players for in-game rewards and real-life cash



Guilds can challenge other guilds for higher rewards. Battles are held

in the MYKINGDOM arena. Each member must have a card pack

ready before each round.


For example, let’s look at a battle between two guilds in the arena:

◊ Guild X - 20 players ready to fight

◊ Guild Y - 10 players ready to fight

(In this scenario, guild X can only participate with 10 players. They

can cast a vote or submit for battle, and the guild leader will choose

who will participate in the actual battle)


In this case, it is a 10 v 10 battle with 2 rounds. One player from

guild X is facing one player from guild Y. 10 battles will take place

simultaneously. If Guild X has 6 victorious players and Guild Y has 4

victorious players only, then Guild X is the frontrunner with 6 points,

while Guild Y is behind with 4 points. After the last round of battle,

total points from both Guilds are calculated. The guild with more

points wins and receives a reward.


Neutral players can join and watch the battles as well, and place bets

on who they think will win. Players who win will receive a portion

of the rewards of the victorious guild that is proportionate to their


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