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Trading and finding cards have never been cooler and exciting than

now. Players can collect hundreds of NFT cards with different rarity

levels and special abilities. They can collect or sell these cards on the

NFT Marketplace for MYK tokens as well as use them to play normal

and ranked card games, which generates extra revenue.


There will be six levels of card rarity:

Common - Classic - Rare - Epic - Legendary - Mythic


Players, who want to acquire cards, will be able to do so in multiple

ways throughout the MYKINGDOM metaverse:


  • By buying packs/chests with MYK tokens

  • By buying cards directly on the NFT marketplace

  • By trading cards with other players

  • By defeating World Bosses and looting rewards

  • By gaining and retaining a strong ranking

  • By completing CC (Card Challenges)

  • By participating in monthly events

  • By collecting specific card fragments

  • By exchanging 3 cards for a pack/chest

  • By forging 2 or more cards for a better quality card

  • By defeating other players in 1-on-1 challenges

Card Challanges

Players can participate in daily card challenges and receive rewards

according to the difficulty level.

In this example, players must submit 5 cards with attack power 3 for


Objective: Submit 5 cards with 3 attack power (Difficulty: Medium)

(REWARD: 1x Pack)

  • Card one - 3 attack power - slot 1

  • Card two - 3 attack power - slot 2

  • Card three - 3 attack power - slot 3

  • Card four - 3 attack power - slot 4

  • Card five - 3 attack power - slot 5

At this point, the player will receive a notification saying

‘’Would you like to submit these cards?”


Once submitted, the reward will become available in the player’s

inventory for use. Players can submit any rarities for objective

completion unless otherwise specified.

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